No. The state of South Carolina allows Physical Therapists to see clients for 30 days without an MD referral. This is wonderful news because 30 days is plenty of time to address your injury and get you on the right track.  It is typically pretty easy to obtain a referral from a doctor if we need to extend your care beyond the 30 day mark. We are also trained to screen for health issues beyond the musculoskeletal system and refer to your physician if there are red flags that need to be addressed when physical therapy is not appropriate.

can i do pt virtually?

Yes.  There are several cases in which Telehealth Physical Therapy Services are warranted.  If you have limited access to transportation, are quarantined for whatever reason and want to continue care, or are needing a mostly exercise based program, Telehealth is a great option for you.   We use a HIPAA compliant platform in order to deliver these services to you and are happy to find a time that works best for you to attend your virtual sessions.  

Where are you located?

AMP is located inside of Crossfit Clemson at 990 Tiger Blvd., Clemson, SC.  We have a private space with all of the necessary equipment to provide exceptional care for you.  We will also travel to you if there is ever a need so please feel free to reach out with questions regarding our concierge services.